Thursday, September 30, 2004

When it Rains, it Pours

It amazes me that so much has happened since the last update. Well maybe not so much amazed as I can't believe it all piled up so quickly.

Sunday found us faced with Jeanne. By this time we're prepared for what is going to happen and get in to wait it out mode. Surprisingly, Jeanne was the worst storm for us so far. Much higher winds, lots more rain, and a longer power outage than the other storms. Not that I am complaining since what we went through is a walk in the park for the devastation that other people have had to face. From this perspective, I am merely reporting the conditions. We made camp at the safe house again as I stayed with the almost in-laws for our frequent hurricane parties.

Monday I got to go to the doctor where I told them how my records were kinda screwy only to be baraged with how I am not taking care of myself. Yeah, just what I wanted to deal with first thing in the morning. I had planned on making Monday a productive day. Took care of the icky obligation first things first and then scheduled to take the Saturn siblings into the shop for routine maintenance (oil changes and rotation and balancing). Everything that happened after that was anything but routine. We neglected to leave the keyless entry remote for one of the cars so that was a bit of delay but the news that took the cake was the stuff on my car. Now I have to provide a little bit of background real quick here. This car is my first *all mine* car. While I wasn't able to choose all the options and details, I do make all the payments and take care of the maintenance. This is my big asset right now so I am really trying to make an effort at keeping it in proper working order. Well today's adventure in proper working order came to the tune of two new tires and a mini lecture from the mechanic. Seems that I had overlooked some details such as alignment as I thought it was based on mileage rather than any other type of factor. Yeah. Well from this day forward, I'll never attempt to maintain my car on my personal schedule. If it is mileage, so be it. But I will have to say that the day was salvaged as the bf and his mom and I went shopping and spent some time at the book store. Though I was totally in panic mode about the car maintenance, I tried to just relax and not worry about things that I cannot control. By the way, that's the theme of my life, lol.

Tuesday heralded the return to work which believe you me wasn't what I was looking forward to. I got to attend an informational training class that morning that left me feeling like the big emphasis that those who do the job I trained for (different than my current) really like to make a big deal out of nothing. Their report analysis is honestly not that difficult. It can get sticky with the financial impact but overall not that much to make an issue about. Yet with that being said, these people parade around like they have such a difficult job and are put out by the stress. Maybe it can get stressful but the industry in which I work has got its time of seriously high stress.

Wednesday was seemingly uneventful on the job front. I of course was left behind to hold down the fort as the rest of the staff did what they needed to. I keep trying to tell myself that I will look back on these days fondly. Yeah, eventually just not right now. Recent cause for anxiety is that I sent out the rent check telling the landlord that there is yet something else wrong with the place. All I can hope is that he'll call the bf to take care of it and not me. I also went a little bit caffeinated raptor on the bf last night. Must be my insecurities on a personal level why I keep doing that. Who knows? If I don't shape up, my mini pity party is going to come back and kick me in the ass and then what will I be left with? Ah, the wonders of my two cent philosophy......

Sunday, September 26, 2004

One Month and Counting

I've done it. I've finally done it. Signed up and put my money where my mouth was in terms of taking the GRE. No more (ok, very little) procrastination from here. Hopefully the hurricanes that have graced our state can hold off and let me get past this speedbump in my life.

This title also refers to how much Floridians have been through in this past month. Four major hurricanes and a tropical storm. Not since 1886 (yeah you read that correctly) have four hurricanes hit the same state. If Florida is a target in Mother Nature's pinball machine, look at the readout honey because it says TILT TILT. I've really got to hand it to the Governor and the emergency response team in Florida. These people probably have not slept or had a moment to catch their breath in the past 45 days. Also here is a big shout out to the various people who have come to help our state. Power trucks, tree companies, cell companies, Red Cross, Salvation Army, everyone!! I know I have overlooked agencies and I apologize but I can certainly vouch for my fellow Floridians in saying how much we appreciate the immediate relief efforts.

Though I will refrain from directly stating my job here for fear of termination, let it be left at "working for the man" and say that I anticipate that things will be very busy when we get back into season. Actually I don't think I'll have to wait that long as there will be some action come November and December as state officials come back from an election year and a disasterous hurricane season.

My thoughts are with Florida tonight and all of her people. May we be safe and survive this next storm.

**a note to those who care: check the time ;) **

Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Few Changes

So if you will notice, there have been a few changes made to the blog since the last time you visited. Colors have been tweaked, friend linkage has been added, hot sites have been added and that is just the beginning. I like to think that I can get my web monkey practice in by enhancing my site.

To be real honest, I have a true sense of satisfaction that my sidebar additions actually worked. The last web site I worked on was assisted by web tools that expedited the page writing process. Today's work was going back to those archived memory folders, dusting them off, throwing them on the floor, totally altering the contents and making some semblance out of them, the result of which can be seen here. A small feat for some, a large accomplishment in my book.

I have to say that today is going to be a calm sort of day. Home football mania has struck this hamlet that wishes it was a metropolis thereby exponentially magnifying the inherrent stupidity of the everyday person. Well I guess in some small consolation, there is only one home football game today. Bad news is that it is a family feud match-up. How does this all translate? I'm going to be staying on my side of town today, the closer edge to Georgia than the manic painting of garnet and gold in the streets.

Next week looks to be even worse as the
university that runs this town is having parents weekend and a big conference game while the university that should get more credit for their contributions is also having a home football extravaganza. Lucky us, the football gods have scheduled each game within three hours of each other, effectively shutting down the city for THE ENTIRE day. Please, a moment of silence while we take in this great ........... ok, moment over.

One day this place will decide whether or not they want to be a college town, the state capital, a small southern town, or a truck stop on I-10. Until then, our days here are limited. The countown is in motion for our move to the central part of the state. Updates of course along the way but for the time being we're still planning.

All in all today's story is keep watching for updates and tweaks. Leave comments and I'll get to them!

Friday, September 24, 2004

What a week!

Not that anything exciting happened but for some reason, this week dragged along. Could it be day after day of mind numbing fun at work? Day after day of studying math for the GRE? I dunno, probably just a slump.

I am really starting to get anxious about taking this test. Probably psyching myself out about it. Guess that is why I decided to vent on the blog. Figured this was as good of therapy that I could prescribe for myself, lol. I am telling you, it is bad when psych students start their own therapy...........

Here's my thought for the day:

"I suppose it is much more comfortable to be mad and not know it than to be sane and have one's doubts."-- G. B. Burgin

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Slow going this morning......

Well to start off I'd like to shout a great big YAY! as my a/c has been repaired and seems to be running even better than before. Oh how I hope that this means I will never have to see a $300 utility bill again :)

Still plugging away at work. I guess I have been drawn into this lull of activity over the summer that I have no idea how I used to work 5 days a week! I long for the days where it gets busy around here again. That will come soon enough. Then I'll be complaining that there is too much work, lol.

Since it has taken me an hour just to write this much that I am going to publish and come back to this later. That's all for now.......

Monday, September 20, 2004

Asthma Awareness

Now, I am not a big pusher of charities as I feel that it is a personal decision within each one of us to make a contribution. In this particular instance I will make an exception as I feel this is an especially worthy cause to be held in a place that is really busy with hurricane clean up and should be applauded that they took the time to do this. My friend Jenn lives in West Palm Beach (hit by Frances) and is a pharmacy student at Nova. She's participating in the American Lung Society walk to raise asthma awareness. I know she'd love if you'd pledge for her. Believe you me, I am not rolling in the money here but we made a modest pledge and to her every little bit counts. If you are interested in helping out, drop me a response on here and I'll send you the link to her site. Thanks for reading!

Speaker Phone

I HATE SPEAKER PHONE! I have for years. I mean there is only one good thing you can do with speaker phone and that's occassional usage anyway. But today has been the speaker phone day from hell. The person who has an office in my suite can't seem to close the door when yelling to the computer support people on speaker phone. I so hate it. Plus, I don't want to hear about her computer or her prescriptions, or her bank account transfers. Please people use some decency!

And the Reds have it!

Ok so I went with red again. Not just your normal run of the mill red. No, no. Kind of like metallic red that shimmers. I think the color is Clairol Hydrience Tropical or something. Wicked cool color. Looks great with the modest cut but wouldn't you know, no one noticed. Oh well. I'll live another day.

A/C man is supposed to be heading our way this afternoon. Got my fingers crossed on that one happening. I'll keep you guys updated.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Miscellaneous Updates

#1 - Got the issue with the loud neighbor worked out. Guy finally wised up and was nice to us. Explained that he wrote music for the industry and for movies. Took the time to apologize to me and the bf in seperate occassions. Pretty classy if you ask me. Things have been good ever since.

#2 - No new hurricanes to be on the watch for, at least not yet. A small breather that we are grateful for.

#3 - Our a/c went kaput last night. Not like kaput explosion or smoke and stuff but more like the compressor or what sounds like a compressor had been running since we got back home Friday. Thought it was because we actually wanted cold air to come out. Then late last night while we were watching tv before bed, the house started to smell like something was burning and hot air was coming out of the vents. Lo and behold the grate near where the filter goes was frozen. Fortunately, there was extremely pleasant weather today that we could open up the house and not sweat down to little puddles. Bad news was that the landlord was really grr when we told him about it. I don't get it, I thought we were doing him a favor telling him what was going on. But evidently home ownership and rental properties are beyond me.

#4 - Got my hair cut yesterday and am changing colors tonight. Yet another chapter in my continuing quest for bucking the system with a kaleidoscope of colors with my hair. If only I could break into the anime colors, then we'd be in business!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Is it December yet?

Whew! They said we'd be having a busy season, little did I know it was going to be this busy. I am sure the rest of the southeastern US is ready for a break too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yep, we're here

So there is blustery weather in the neighborhood and we're at, you guessed it, the in-laws. Their hospitality is much appreciated but this time we're acting as the peacemaking buffers. Got to temper the running around with arms waving in the air, caffinated raptor, and the constant tornado warnings. Oh how I wish for patience, lol.

So I don't think it worked......

Yes, the letter was delivered yesterday, however, I don't think that it was received. Seems that our neighbor (who might not be the original tenant, more on that later) never checks his mail. It was all I could to gingerly place the letter in his box without looking too suspicious or having it be all crumpled because I hastily stuffed it in the box. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to "check" the mail because he had gotten home by the next time I went outside. We've got rather observant (read: nosy) neighbors and I didn't want to cause any kind of stir by poking around in a mailbox that wasn't mine. For the record, I placed the letter in and left everything else alone. I guess when I get home tonight I can "check" the mail again.

So the quick story about the neighbor. When we moved in, the guy that lived there had a small four door and listened to his music at a respectable level. A couple of weeks later, the sedan is seen only occassionally and now there is a big SUV there all the time. And this guy likes to feel the music through his furniture I guess, I have no idea. I am forming the idea that it is a cultural thing and it could be a potential research topic later on. Not sure what the whole story is with this guy but we've had important letters misdelivered to our box that give the appearance that people are looking for the guy. Who knows? My complaint is the noise, that's it.

On a completely seperate note, I got my medical records back today because I was consulting and needed a copy. Well little did I know that the files kept by this doctor's office liked to embellish the truth. Needless to say I was outraged. All I can do is get an appointment with the physician who runs the practice and bring it to her attention. At this point I am so skeptical about the whole situation, I am not sure what to do. I am reluctant to go back but I am not in the mood to find a new doctor. I guess I am going to have to schedule a day of torture where I go to the doctor and the dentist in the same day. Yee hah. Let me tell you my excitement is really revving right now.

And to top this all off I am fielding phone calls and questions left and right about whether or not we've got tomorrow off because of Ivan. Here's the deal. I work for "the man" and they don't even know what is going on. Brilliance I tell you, brilliance.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Letter to neighbor

See I can be nice, I just need to get my point across at the same time, lol.

Dear neighbor,

It has come to our attention that at times the music you play can be rather loud in our house. After several months of trying to be accommodating, we’ve come to the point where we need to mention it to you and the homeowner’s association if necessary.

First off, please understand that we do not have a problem with music when it is played at a respectable level and during reasonable hours of the day. There have been times that no matter what room we go into in our house we can still hear the music. We’re open to compromising with this endeavor in whatever ways we can.

Our suggestion is that on weeknights the latest music can be played is midnight. I have an early morning job that requires me to go to bed early every night. On weekends we are more lenient with 2am being a good time to stop. Weekend days can get a little intense with long periods of the same, or what sounds to be the same, song played in repetition. Perhaps something different may be played or breaks can be taken to incorporate variety. I am not suggesting a radical change but I also do not feel as if I should have to leave my home just to escape the music. Above all we want to be reasonable about this situation and not infringe on anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to address this with us. We’ve enjoyed being your neighbor and continue to do so.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Ugh Monday

Why is it already Monday? What happened with the weekend? Just wanted to let you know things are going slow this morning. No deep thoughts right away, just visions of pillows and blankets in my nice cozy bed.......

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Mail order religion

Why is it that churches think that if they put a door hanger on my door or a flyer in my mailbox or better yet send me a postcard in the mail that I will instantly want to become a member of their congregation. As if the afore mentioned tactics are not enough, there is even a slide at the movie theater as a type of "commercial" for the church attempting to relay how much fun it is and the idea that it is a place to relax and kick back with God. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that there is some attempt at making your display of faith a part of your lifestyle but the part that irritates me is that I am constantly baraged by brochures and mailings that it turns me off to the whole prospect. Better yet, how can you carry on as a person of faith when there are people that tout themselves as foundations of the church who are found to be selling donated hurricane supplies to people? I mean come on. This was a topic that I happened to mention to a rather faith filled woman at work and her best explanation was that even this pastor was prey to basic human frailties and we should work harder to put God in our lives. Ok human frailties but how do you sleep at night after doing something this terrible. Sorry I don't have any linkage for this story but you can probably plug in Polk County Pastor sells Hurricane supplies in your search engine and come up with a few articles. I was astonished to see people of a church doing this to others. Perhaps not as much astonished as turned off by the whole thing since this area is very faith oriented. It has taken many years of maturity and a healthy cynical outlook to be able to see the affects of living in the Bible belt. No matter how much you resist, there is a subtle change in how you see things and react to things when you live here.

To think this entire rant was brought on by the church near my house soliciting the neighborhood with door hangers today.

Quick update on Ivan: yep 12 hours from the last map, NHC has Ivan coming to visit sometime next week. Businesses have begun boarding up their buildings in prep for all of this excitement. I guess now since the "big game" has been played, people in this neck of the woods will discover that there is a hurricane coming this way and start preparing.

Hurricane Update

According to my good friends over at the NHC, the 11pm update shows Ivan making landfall in Tallahassee. I am really conflicted as to how I feel right now. Nervous if it really does hit, anxious because I know that this is still a ways out from prediction, agitated because I don't know if I should worry and totally stressed because as I was setting up my iCal tonight I found out that the papers for my grad school app are due two months before I had planned! I am sure to some this seems so mundane but to me it is just so much to handle. Worse yet, I have to study math as my final prep for the GRE and I hate math. Grr why can't I just settle down? It's the overactive imagination to be sure. Ok, going to chill for a while. Will post more ramblings tomorrow.


Friday, September 10, 2004

Yay! It is Friday........

With everything that has been going on, the arrival of Friday is a huge relief. Sure I got a bonus day off this week because of Frances but these past three days have felt like an entire week. Must be due to the fact we're anxiously watching the path of Ivan. Yep, that would make hurricane number three in just about a month's time. Apocalyptic? Maybe. I tend to believe that it just is the dreaded season that they have been warning us about for years. Or it could be that there was so much prep last week that days are just blurring together and the big question isn't what we're going to do for the weekend, it is where are we going to evacuate to if necessary. I think we're going to defer to the parental units on this one. Mine live about 400 miles away from us and his live about 10. It is obvious to see which ones we're going to go with. If things get hairy enough, we're going to follow them/go with them to the Raleigh/Durham area where they've got some family. Can't say what my parents would do but if the hurricane moves north from Cuba, me going south to Tampa isn't such a smart idea. Oh well.

The house is really unsettling right now. So much is in disarray because of the back to back storms. Kind of funny really since for my whole life I have been disorganized and very cluttered. When I got everything done last week to clean up the house and get it where I was comfortable with the cleanliness, hurricane hysteria sets in. What are you going to do though? Good news is that I got to set up my computer again. Bad news is that it is freakin' slow. The amazing pace of technology in a mere space of 5 years. Right now I've got the bf on top of things in terms of reinstalling operating systems and getting to the bottom of the speed issue. Such a leisure to have computer boy at your disposal, lol. I really wish I had a good stupid people story to put in here but as of late I've been avoiding the crowds and keeping to myself.

I did, however, find this quote by Frank Lloyd Wright that pretty much sums up how I have felt lately.

Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose honest arrogance and have seen no occasion to change. - Frank Lloyd Wright

We got an intern here at work this week. Already they can't give us enough work to keep us busy and then they bring in the college hot shot. I think the thing that irritates me the most is that this chickie is my age and I couldn't be in the same program as her because I am not currently enrolled in school. WTF?! So I am stuck answering phones and playing professional babysitter while she gets a huge office (yep bigger than the boss himself) with two windows (I opted for the scenic cubicle view) and the constant doting on from staff (not that I would want that per se, it is the principle of the thing). To be honest, she's not a bad person at all I just seem especially whiny because of the relative same age and huge disconnect in how we are treated. For a while, the other AA I worked with felt that a college degree was the key for every door. Now she sees me with two and in the same boat as she is. I gotta tell you, I've worked in the retail trenches and I've served my time in the service industry but state goverment (and more and more any government) employment is a completely different world all together. Twilight Zone? It wouldn't surprise me a bit. I'll cut to the end now because even I don't think I can listen to my angst anymore, lol.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

And so we survived.....

Let's see from the last time I spoke to all of you who choose to listen, we were gearing up for Frances to come and visit. Right after I posted, the power went out. Perfect timing as I really wanted to get some rest. Not going to happen. So I laid awake listening to the rustling winds and pelting rain, dumbfounded at the thought that the power had already gone out and it was too early for it. A scant 6 hours later, the power came back on and I think I may have lapsed into sleep. That whole day was a blur as I couldn't clear the fog from my mind. I do remember the day passing as the storm crept closer and closer. At one point I remember that the eye was right over the house (verified by GPS of course). Yes, we were fortunate but still there was no dancing in the streets or shouts of joy. No time for that as Ivan brews in the Atlantic, heading for Florida.

Tuesday was pretty much same old same old. Didn't want to have to leave the house of the parents as things were going rather well and we were having fun. Moreover, a return to our house meant the acceptance of going to work yet again. Yet we both survived (or are in the process of surviving) the return to the workforce.

My thoughts are with those who had to deal with Charley and Frances and I know that we'll be able to handle Ivan. No jokes here. This will probably be one of the most serious posts but the funnies will return shortly.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Waiting, waiting, waiting

So we made it to the almost in-laws this afternoon to ride out the storm. We were pretty much planning on it but it was more of a strong mandate and I guess we can't complain. A neighbor just called us and said that there was no power there. Right now we've got the wind coming as the windows creak on his parents house. I called my parents earlier and they said to get ready since they've had a lot rain and winds. Very recently (like in the last half hour) she said that they had to go and prepare some more since the weather has gotten worse just in talking to her in the course of the evening.

We've also got Ivan to contend with. Yeehah! A strong cat 4 moving at 20-25 mph heading once again for the sunshine state. I don't know how much more we can take. All I can say is that this season will certainly prove that we're a hearty state. The power is flickering now so I am going to end this quickly. I'll post again when it's safe. We might even have our own slideshow by the end of this.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

User Name

Never did I imagine that coming up with a user name would be so difficult. I foolishly thought that I was original enough to get what I wanted on the first try. Pah! that was a joke. So I have forged ahead to create a user name that is not currently in rotation here in my own cyberworld. Good to know that I can still be creative on a whim.

So what am I going to do with this blog? What is my direction going to be? I have no idea. I wanted to reply to a friend's blog and made up my own. I figure it will be a good place to try out my humor and vent my frustrations. If it entertains me, why not entertain others, lol.

The Beginning

How did I start this you ask? A better question is why. I just like hearing myself talk, lol.