Thursday, February 24, 2005


In my daily web travels I found this site that translates your name into Japanese and Kanji which of course to me is really cool. I found that my name means The World Fine Silk. I am not sure what to make of it but it is still nifty. Too bad they sell girls shirts in junior's sizes. Won't help me one bit. Oh well, I'll have to look for Kanji symbols elsewhere and make my own shirt.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A little twist

Neat little site I found that talks about snack food chinese zodiac. Really cute but I don't know how accurate it is........ Snack Food Chinese Zodiac

All in all everything is going pretty well. Still busy as ever at work. Definitely a good thing, keeps me out of mischief, lol.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The sun has been turned off!

Well I had maintenance come down and turn off the bulbs that had been switched on and what a difference that made! Now I am here in the holding pattern for my meeting materials for tomorrow. My boss tried to make me feel bad because she was up here working over the weekend but really I don't feel bad because I bust my butt during the week to get things done. Sure she was sick this week but she knew we had a lot ahead of us. Too much work stuff, the light is fixed and I am waiting.

Too early to be agitated?

It's Monday bleh. It's going to be a long day bleh. The weather was cool this morning yay! And the bf and I got to drive to work together yay! In this case, the two yay!s outweighed the blehs. That is until I got to work. My cubicle is tucked away in the corner of a wall. It's maybe 8ft wide and 10ft long. Not a whole lot of room but that's ok too. Here's what's not ok. In this very small space there are 6 fluorescent lights that shine upon me. A little while back, I had one of the maintenance guys do some covert work for me and loosen 2 of them so that I didn't feel like I was under the microscope in a lab. I've been doing really well to listen out for "helpful" people who want to call the maintenance people and tell them lights are out. I let them know that they aren't out, they work just fine. This morning lo and behold, the lights have returned. I can't tell you the headaches I used to get because there was simply too much light. I work on the computer all day people, this is too much light!

On another note, there is a cleaning lady up here with a heart of gold but a heavy finger on those aerosol cans. As I am writing this now she's dousing the halls with what I think is labeled air freshener but from where I am sitting it isn't making things any fresher. And then on Friday, it is the day she chooses to clean our end of the floor. Let's just say Florida citrus smell takes on a whole new meaning that day. Like I said, bless her heart but there is a reason I make sure I've got a portable fan on my desk. Well that and because there are some people who think 70F is cold and proceed to get space heaters glowing bright orange to stay warm. Yeah, even during the middle of the summer when it is 100F outside and they are kind enough to turn on the air in the building these people have their heaters cranked. I am totally lost on that one. If you get it, please explain it to me.

I've got to pace the computer use today or at least until I can get the light situation fixed so I am over and out for now.

Friday, February 18, 2005

So glad it is Friday!

Sure the fun doesn't end because it's Friday, no no. It just means that I have two days of respite from the wahoos I work with. Small consolation really but I need those 48 hours of peace. They've really done a number on me this week. And truth be told it hasn't even been the whole week, it really just pinnacled yesterday afternoon.

We've got a big meeting on Tuesday and with the punctuality of those I work with I know I'll have to work late on Monday. Well my boss announced as I was leaving last night to expect to work late. Well big duh there honey. So I told her that I had already planned on it and I do not want to be waiting until ten minutes to never to get things. I swear, the people who get off on their title or their status. It's government work people, wake up! We're all peons. Let's top it off by sending me an email last night (I read it this morning) that asked me a dumbass question about making a link to a website that theoretically everyone here is supposed to know how to use. Essentially the email asked me that once I publish a document to send a link to the location. Well for you guys, imagine that someone sent you an email to ask for a link back to their inbox. And I think the really sad part is that they have a full time training staff up here that has classes that are mandatory to get you initiated into the system. Blows my mind. Seriously people.

Then my beef with my coworker. In order from top to bottom: there's the boss, the coworker, then me (assistant). Somehow that works to be some great echelon of dumpage where everything falls on me. I am ok with that, really. But my coworker likes to come to my cubicle and stand right next to where I sit or bash my plants (I have several green leafy things to keep me company on those late nights or just really boring days) or plop her stuff down on my desk as if she's taking up residency. I don't get it. She's a lingerer too. Has a way of speaking that isn't quite a drawl but s p a c e s e v e r y w o r d o u t as if to get attention to her young cat lady life or to call attention to her. I just have no clue. But I digress.

I am totally looking forward to the weekend. Even though I am broke right now because now the bf and I get paid once a month and the bf got his last check from the office mega super store of doom back the first week of February and the vacation check hadn't hit yet, we're patiently waiting until the 28th when pay day comes. Who cares? We'll make the best of it anyway. Let me know that you guys do read this once and a while by leaving a comment!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I always knew......

The Goddess of Night and Regret. You are a perfect
confidante. Always understanding and
solicitous, you could be a queen and you are
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Early Morning Tidbits

I am oddly hooked on Quizilla. I can't explain it but I found this fun little quizaroo this morning:
You are Lili St. Cyr!
You're Lili St. Cyr!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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And those of you who know me know that I am all about the pin ups.

The concert last night was AWESOME! I always miss my marching band days after hearing the
Marching Chiefs play. ThoughI was not a Chief (lots o' politics and two bum knees), I did march my heart out in high school. So much energy and excitement and lots of hard work but tons of fun. The bf, the bf's sis and her bf had fun too which made it all worth while since there was some confusion when the tix were bought.
The music revival does stir up some emotions that I might rekindle my music playing but I've got to find a suitable practice area for that. We'll see. I know I won't be public ready for a long time.

The bf is still loving the new job. It's his daily adventure now. I am really glad since I wasn't sure how he was going to acclimate. I am so glad for him. He needed the change in atmosphere and the kick in the patootie ;)

Ok well already, real work awaits. Catch you on the flip side!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Beware of the Quiet Ones

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
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I knew it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Random Stuffs

These guys have really caught my eye. I wish I had the time, talent and resources to do some of the amazing things that they have done over the years. Too bad I live so far away from NYC to go and see it in person.

I really hope that I get to go and see
this tomorrow night. Right now I am pooling the fundage to go. It wouldn't be a big deal if it was just me and the bf. I could swing that. But the bf's sister and her bf want to go and that's $50 that I can't pull out of thin air. One way or another I'll make it work. I've seen the concert once before and it was killer! We even did a quasi version of it in high school. But there is nothing like seeing the pros do it to really make it all amazing. I am such a band geek!

Yes, yes happy valentines day everyone. I survived the dinner last night. It was nice but I think way over the top if you ask me. Explain how serving cornish hens to a large dinner party makes sense. Because I sure don't see the logic. But that's what they did. Everything big and over the top. I know the two that set things up were in seventh heaven because they got compliments but I felt way out of my element there.

So the crud, as they so fondly call it here, is making its way through the state of Florida it seems. My mom was super sick this past week and now my brother and dad have it. There are people all over the office here who are sick as well. I say all over the state because my parents live a good 400 miles from me. I just hope that I steer clear of the second wave of this ickiness. But since I am getting more sleep now and getting on a more regular schedule with stuff I think that will help. Everyone knows I have been sick enough the last couple of months to last me a while.

Ok, so I probably should get back to work now. Especially since the site ate my first post and now I am rewriting it. The weekend was a bunch of fun and today is one of those drizzly days and not a lot going on at the office so I wouldn't mind hanging out at home today. Oh well. At least I can cut out of here a bit early today. And then lunch was super yummy. Mmmmm Cuban food. I love that stuff!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

New Schedule

So now that the bf has started his new job I have gotten on his schedule. Why you ask? Well I haven't been able to get everything accomplished at work like I wanted to and really didn't care. That and he is horrible about not waking me up when he has to get up at a different time than I do. So I said fuck it and just got on the same schedule. That schedule means I get up at 5:30 and am usually in bed by 9:30. Its good because I finally feel rested and am able to focus a whole lot better in my meditation. So a lot less angsty whining from me. Well almost. I have this stupid dinner at the bf's parents house tonight and I have to say that it is going to be an interesting time. Lots of politics. But that's family, eh? But back to the work thing again. Yeah 5:30 comes pretty damn early but I am there by 7 and my boss's boss has noticed and is impressed. I need to impress this guy because he's the one who can get me more money. Keep em happy I say. On another note, my Chairman and his aide got me this ginormous assortment of flowers at work this week. I was pretty much floored. I've got pictures of them and I'll see about getting them up here. Really nice. Made the bf jealous and sorta upset. But then again I don't expect the bf to dole out this much flow to get flowers in this magnitude. I have got to get him to understand that. We're doing much better after this schedule rearrangement and he gets to work at a better job. I knew that office superstore of doom was evil. Now on to getting him to take those certification tests and sell the Blazer. It's coming. Just not on my time schedule. We're working on that. Ok I gotta million things to do before this dress up dinner thing. I'll catch everone later.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

TaDa Lists

Well it seems that I can only share this list if I add you to the "users" so no good to share. But believe me, it works like magic. I really like it a bunch. I can make the bf's list RSS so that it updates on his computer and his pocket pc. Yes I know, I make my point well known ;)

Up at the bf's parents mansion right now so my time is limited. I am smiling and nodding. I already smiled and nodded with my parents via phone today. Catch you guys soon.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Here's the list

The List of Dooooooom

Not too much to do. I think this will be my at work list at least so I can keep track of what I need to get done. At least get done every once and a while :)

"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it"

- Mary Wilson Little