Tuesday, December 20, 2005

5 simple pleasures

I got tagged by amy to do this a while back when I was swamped at work so I decided to jump on it now while I have some time.

Name 5 simple pleasures that you like most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. I may not be super fond of the city that I currently reside but there are those small things that make me remember that there are thousands of worse places to be than in the Sunshine state's capital city. Here I include two pictures of springtime here...

First is an artist's rendition of a park not too far from my house that is absolutely gorgeous...

the place I work is lined with dogwoods and it is the only good thing about going there during my busiest time of year.

2. Waking up to an easy day where the rain is dancing across the pavement and I can take the time to marvel at the wonder of nature and snuggle with my honey for the day ;)

3. Going to sleep after a productive day in fresh sheets where you can still smell the laundry detergent (for me it's Tide Coldwater, I only use it on my linens for something different).

4. Enjoying the way my little house smells after having one of these candles going all day.

5. Knowing that the orchid I've been minding and hoping and praying and slaving over actually blossomed for me...

As for the five people here it goes: Jax Peach, Caffeinated Raptor, Lisa, Lucky, and Ash

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Photo MEME

So after a long hiatus, I have returned. Ok, so it wasn't all that gallant of a return but I am back. I got tagged over at Vixen's blog and figured I'd give this Meme a shot.

Go to Google Image Search and type in the city and state/province of the town where you grew up, no quotation marks. Then select the picture you like best from the first page of results and post it on your blog. This is my take:
I lived there until I was 6 or 7...

This is the historical section of the town where I lived until I graduated high school...

Now a picture of the town where I currently reside, well downtown at least...

Evidently I share my name with a lead singer of a band in the UK, who knew? Here is a pic of them:

My grandmother's name came up with this which is perfect since she's a whiz at gardening:

I took some creative liberty with my favorite food. In general it is rather plain but as depicted here it is a whole lot funnier:

This is my favorite pop of all time! (No it is not currently available where I live)

Next my favorite smell:
Mmmmm Macintosh apples...

Finally, my favorite song (Walk on the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket)

TAGGED: Caffeinated Raptor, J.Weston, Lisa, Ash

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Slots, unruly kids, and lots of yipes

So the great people of Florida now have the rules for them to legally play slots...finally. It was a very v e r y long week. I am still in a recovery process to regain my wits about me.

Oh yeah, check out the socalite caffeinated raptor's post on unruly kids. Yeah, he's all heart, lol.

And all that on top of the craziness of the holidays. Sheesh. Now time for a nap since I still woke up at 5am when I've been getting up. Ah thank goodness for a day off.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Two new books and reviews

I finally got around to changing my reading corner selections. The new books are up there now and I wrote two new reviews on amazon. Linkage is on the left if you are interested. This is making a small dent in my 'books to read' shelf after I went all cartoon kablewie this summer when Barnes & Noble had their clearance sale. Though many will say that my selections arent very thought provoking, I just need to get some reading behind me that lets me pretend that in some alternate life I could be thirty and flirty and thriving or something like that. Sheesh, I remember some of the corniest things...

this is so me

Your Birthdate: January 27

You are a spiritual soul - a person who tries to find meaning in everything.
You spend a good amount of time meditating, trying to figure out life.
Helping others is also important to you. You enjoy social activities with that goal.
You are very generous and giving. Yet you expect very little in return.

Your strength: Getting along with anyone and everyone

Your weakness: Needing a good amount of downtime to recharge

Your power color: Cobalt blue

Your power symbol: Dove

Your power month: September

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I miss this show. Well I miss it from the early days. TV Squad came up with a decent Top 5 list that was augmented by the subsequent comments left by other readers. As hip and in tune I was with this show, I still have never seen the final episode. I keep telling myself that I'll rent the DVD seasons from # where I stopped to the final season though I just havent forked over the fees to Blockbuster. I think a lot of the flair was gone for me once DD had his tift with Chris Carter. Oh well, things all unravel when we least want them to.

Also on the wire today, the kids over at TV Squad reported that Kristin @ E! is running her mouth about this being the final season of Gilmore Girls. I've got to concur with the comment I left on the page, I wont believe it until I see it. Also, I've put in a word with Ausiello at TV Guide who seems to be good chums with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino. I sure hope that this isnt it for my show! I still think there are just way too many things to wrap up as it stands now.