Saturday, May 28, 2005

Low on flow

I hate waiting for my pay check to deposit, especially before vacation and when everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Why is it that nagging problems always occur when you're waiting for the check to get deposited? Make your employees happy, pay them before the holiday!

Just another rant while working for the man.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yeah I am a hobo

A step up from bum but nevertheless pretty much lazy and not totally inspired. Still trying to gain back my mental facilities from the last three months of hell at work. (sarcasm and wit on the way) I hear that a raise is in the works for me. Let's just say I'll believe that shit when it happens. Even though the hard part at work has come and gone I am still busting my ass to show these mofo's that if they really want to keep me happy they've got to ante up with the dough. Oh yeah, I am looking for jobs out of town. I also am toying with the prospect of getting a more permanent residence. New job first, home ownership later.

Next week I am supposed to go on vacation with my family to Orlando. They said "we're going to be here already and there will be plenty of room if you want to join us". Hmm let me think a moment.....vacation to Orlando. Needless to say I am there. But there are strings with that of course because if said jerk of a brother shows up you better fucking believe I'm outta town. No way I am going to play nice with that one.

Now on to the homefront where things with the bf had been iffy for a while. Once I got some pressing issues off my chest and spelled out how I am going to act and explained how things needed to be there has been some definite progress. I know the bf thinks I went coo coo for coco puffs overboard about some things and I still have a small shoulder chip but that's my bag. I can only deal with so much shit piled up that I start taking names and keeping a rap sheet. News flash, I am a worrier; now deal with it. People with issues (thx Vixen for that one). And no, I am not going to air dirty laundry so don't even ask. I've said enough as it is. End of discussion.

And in my rant section I have to go off on people who think it is ok to lecture me on how my life needs to be run better. Ok, I'll admit there are things that have not turned out exactly as I had planned but I sure as fuck don't need someone who is able to "earn" half of what I make in a year in the summer by simply asking for the funds. And on top of that in the next breath tell me that I don't get paid enough. Yeah because the people who decide my salary are really going to listen. Hello, state government. Free bennies but low pay. Besides who wants to graduate with some amazing degree that has a kick ass starting salary when you're burdened with loans? You gotta pay those back. They don't just give them out because money grows on trees. Sure I might have a shitty job but damnit I earn every fucking penny that I get paid. And I live in the reality of the here and now not to pin my hopes on a entry level job that will automagically make the loan payments go away.

It's rather disingenuous to me for an academic who concentrates solely on curriculum work to give me advice on the ways of the world. Sorry but I completed college in 3 years while earning a double major and working fucking full time bitches. But who is counting? Let me just say that my roommate during college lived a pampered life due to my hard work. Amazing how things can turn into "you need to pay half of this" when I clearly do not see the need for said item or collection of items. It's been mentioned that I have a soft degree anyway and it was awarded based on artsy fartsy people. Thanks, I'll make sure I include that on my application next time it asks for my major in college. "artsy fartsy psychology and made up human resource management for people who don't have the business skills" I can just see that going over like a fart in church. And on a final note, don't tell me that my vacation isn't good enough because I didn't take two fucking weeks off for a Britney-esque Crossroads adventure of Summer 2005. No I didn't see the lame ass movie but the visual is worth what I am trying to get across.

This post will probably piss some people off and it will probably make others laugh a lot. I don't frankly care which it does. If you want to leave me some feedback or some static that's what the comments are for. Welcome to the land of free speech, now use it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Help save my show!

Save Eyes!

I don't really get on my soapbox for many shows but I really like this one and we've got to keep it around. Please :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hanging by a thread

Yep, that's me. How did I ever get into this mess? Oh yeah, bills. So long story short: stressed to the max, absence of a personal life, overactive anxiety complex, 200 hrs of comp time, family down south is rattled, bf's parents miss us, work - sleep - work - sleep is the neverending cycle and oh by the way did I mention that I about forgot to pay my bills on time. Well I suppose there is some good news to share that the Governor of our great state wants to give us a 3.6% raise. Pre tax that's about $800/year. Damn, something is better than nothing. And you better fucking believe that I am going to call the cards this summer when they finally "take care of me" for running two committees in the final stretch and being everyone's babysitter. Recognize that you don't fuck with the AA bitches. Yeah, I am a little hostile but it's good that I am working this out. Amazing I even had time for this. Had to go to a staff dinner tonight and got home too late to watch Gilmore Girls on DVR before bed. BF's rebuilding windows on the laptop so I am typing away here. Alas, it is getting late and I've got to make sure I make it to bed to roll around at least for a couple of hours before the blasted alarm goes off at 5. Comments are welcome, I promise not to smite you for leaving them.